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Why exercise-based,
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Father of medical exercise therapy, Oddvar Holten, developed the initial principles in the early 1960’s. With research performed at Andrews University, we developed the strategies, or MET-odology, to implement best clinical practice and the biopsychosocial model of care in a value-based delivery system.

These principles continue to be used in current clinical research and practice throughout many European countries. And as we see an increased focus on value-based care in the US, the MET-odology is becoming increasingly popular.


Success of therapeutic intervention depends on the ability to establish the appropriate stimuli and overload throughout the recovery process for the targeted physiological objective.


Without a precise approach to dosing, even the most effective treatment designs fail to deliver meaningful outcomes and can even do more harm than good.


Precision dosing turns into clinically-effective delivery of treatment. The treatment benefits from the granular adjustments made possible with MET-endorsed equipment.

Why MET-odology?

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Our products are designed for ultra-specific and granular adjustments and measurements.

Our leadership’s combined time in the world of occupational and physical therapy spans more than 5 decades. During that time, MET founders Frank and Becky have served virtually every role in the clinical therapy setting. That real-world experience has made our MET-odology highly adaptable to any clinical setting while still resting on a foundation of research and industry-leading methodologies.

Frank Aerts


Frank has more than 25 years of experience in Medical Exercise Therapy.

As the Founder of the MET brands, he teaches rehabilitation professionals internationally about Medical Exercise Therapy principles through our MET-odology.

Becky Alwood


Becky has 15 years of experience as an occupational therapist including outpatient occupational therapy, hospital-based rehabilitation department management, and adjunct faculty.  She is the CEO of MET brands.