Dedicated to improving and refining our MET-odology, our equipment, and our literature as our science evolves and grows.

Our History

MET is both an operational think tank and a clinical implementation specialist.  We are therapists, researchers, and strategists. As practitioners ourselves, we understand the challenges in balancing the art, science, and business of rehabilitation medicine. We believe in the importance of true client-centered care and affirm that everyone wins when the client is at the center of decision making. We dedicate ourselves to helping healthcare organizations cultivate value-based rehabilitation services allowing providers to deliver care at the 90th percentile for service and quality while achieving sustainable financial success.

We do this by applying a framework, which we call our MET-odology, to the operational and clinical aspects of rehabilitation services. The MET MET-odology is considered the broader conceptual platform of organizational vision, mission, culture, values, operational policies and procedures, which facilitate the implementation of the more clinical Medical Exercise Therapy concepts.

Medical Exercise Therapy has proven its value over time by providing effective and efficient clinical outcomes through precision design, dosing and delivery of therapeutic interventions.  In turn, our MET-odology has a proven track record in combining the clinical and operational aspects of successful rehabilitation services business. Providing a framework for clinicians to apply the tools of their trade in line with meaningful clinical outcomes is a game changer.


After coming to the US from Belgium in 1993, physical therapist Frank Aerts noticed a difference in the way rehabilitation was practiced. He thought there might be interest in the US for learning a Medical Exercise Therapy approach similar to what he had experienced in Europe.


Frank founded the first MET brand in 2002 as Educon LLC, a continuing education company devoted to teaching medical exercise therapy in the United States. Along with physical therapist Professor Leo Wouters of Belgium, Frank taught and developed the MET MET-odology, a contemporary development of Medical Exercise Therapy clinical concepts introduced in the 1960’s by Norwegian physical therapist Oddvar Holten.


In 2011, Educon became MET Seminars, and MET Equipment was founded by Frank and physical therapist Nate Kloosterman with the goal of providing specialty equipment for implementation of medical exercise therapy.


In 2015, Nate exited to focus on his private practice, and Frank and occupational therapist Becky Alwood partnered to create MET Consulting in order to foster the organizational alignment necessary to comprehensively implement clinical best practice within a biopsychosocial model and develop solutions for value-based rehabilitation services.


Since then, Frank and Becky combined their clinical knowledge and healthcare management experience to create the MET brand to reinvent the delivery of rehabilitation services nationwide.

Our Team

Frank Aerts
Frank has more than 25 years of experience in Medical Exercise Therapy. As the Founder of the MET brands, he teaches rehabilitation professionals internationally about Medical Exercise Therapy principles through our METodology.
Becky Alwood
Becky has 15 years of experience as an occupational therapist including outpatient occupational therapy, hospital-based rehabilitation department management, and adjunct faculty. She is the CEO of MET brands.
Nate Kloosterman
Nate has been involved with NAIOMT for extensive training in manual therapy. He discovered a missing component to a complete treatment approach, namely thoughtful and specific exercise and has been applying Medical Exercise Therapy ever since.
Leo Wouters
Leo earned his Master's Degree in Physical Therapy from the Catholic University, Leuven, Belgium in 1973. He was instrumental in developing the Medical Exercise Therapy courses and has taught extensively in Europe, Russia, Asia and the United States of America.