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​Background Medical Exercise Therapy (M.E.T.)

M.E.T. is an active rehabilitation system based on years of clinical experience and research. Norwegian born Oddvar Holton, physiotherapist and manipulative therapist, known as the Father of M.E.T., developed the initial principles of M.E.T. during the early 1960’s. Belgian manual and physical therapist Leo Wouters further developed the dosing strategies for clinical rehabilitation practice.

With research performed at Andrews University, Berrien Springs MI, MET Seminars developed the strategies, or M.E.T. MET-odology, to implement best clinical practice and the biopsychosocial model of care in a value-based delivery system.

The M.E.T. principles continue to be used in current clinical research and practice throughout many European countries. Due to the increased focus on value-based healthcare delivery, the M.ET. MET-odology, is becoming increasingly more popular in the U.S.A.

Course Offerings


De-loaded abdominal neuro-muscular training

De-loaded closed chain step-up

De-loaded deep neck flexor endurance training

De-loaded multifidus endurance training

De-loaded scaption strengthening

Thoracic self mobilization with lumbar stabilization

Thoracic rotation mobilization with internal force